An interview with e2Value cyclist Baris Aytan

On this blog, we recently introduced the e2Value cycling team. Our riders' commitment to leadership and the love of racing inspires us every day, and represents an important facet of our values. We recently chatted with Baris Aytan, one of our cyclists who joined the group last year and has become an integral part of the team's success. He opened up to us about the ups and downs of cycling, his long training hours and what makes the sport so important to him. 

What made you join the e2value team? 

I started racing in March 2014, unattached (with no team) and around early May 2014, I was starting to look into finding a team that would make the whole bike racing experience much better. As much as this sport looks like an individual sport, it is a team sport with individual results and you want to be with people that are both nice to spend time with and strong/dedicated to ride bicycles with. 

How has your experience been so far?

It has been nothing but a brilliant experience so far! While the main creator of this great social and competitive ambiance is the riders themselves of a team, it goes without saying that we would not be where we are now without the generous sponsor support, mainly from our main sponsor e2Value. I've been a part of e2Value cycling team organization for just over a year, but I've seen this team develop in a great way in such short time.

What made you get into riding?

I've always enjoyed competition since my elementary school years. I grew up racing sailboats in Turkey and raced for the Turkish national team for few seasons until I was 21 years old. Anytime we traveled in Europe for I remember seeing most of the other European sailors on their road bikes for recovery and endurance training days and I always wanted to get into road cycling. My first race was in Central Park in March 2014.

Are there any traditions or rituals you observe before a competition?

Not really, I am not the most superstitious person. However, I always get everything ready from the night before for early morning races (and we have lots of them here in NYC!). This does not only cover preparing the racing equipment, but I also make sure that I have my food portioned properly to go, my coffee ready to be brewed, breakfast prepared to be ready the next morning with the least amount of time and energy, the kit (and additional clothing if necessary)  are taken out of the closet, including pinning my numbers the night before, albeit considered to be "bad luck" amongst some cyclists.

When you're not riding, what can you be typically be found doing?

I spend anywhere from 14 to 20 hours a week training. This combined with a full time job, commute and all, I really have very limited time remaining for any other hobby. Whatever extra time I have remaining, I usually spend with my wife or just reading.

At e2Value, our outstanding team of cyclists are the best brand ambassadors we could hope to sponsor. Just as we strive for excellence in our home, commercial, farm and ranch valuation solutions, our riders devote their time and energy to performing their best in a wide host of competitions.