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Making the difficult seem easy is, well, not easy. 

At e2Value, our commitment to doing that with our convenient, streamlined valuation solutions for insurance professionals goes beyond our suite of services. One of our proudest investments is the sponsorship of a New York City bicycle racing team. Our team, recognized by the Century Road Club Association (CRCA), is the longest continuously racing sub-team in the league. 

The team e2Value sponsors was founded in the early '90s and spots in the group are highly coveted. They've established a reputation as outstanding racers and a fun community to become a part of.  While some teams are all work and no play, our riders have struck a balance between hard work and camaraderie that keeps everyone motivated to do their best on the pavement. 

Cycling is an intense commitment that requires our racers to develop their skills year-round. Sometimes our cyclists bike 40 miles at a time, just for conditioning. When riders aren't able to practice in Prospect Park or Central Park, they train indoors to prepare for events. Rain or shine, our riders are preparing to do their best. 

"After road biking for a couple of years I decided to try a race," team leader Graham Macbeth told The New York Times. "Riding for the first time in the midst of dozens of riders in Prospect Park was a completely unique, completely engaging sensation. It's like being in a strange school of fish."

The season for e2Value's cycling team lasts from March to September, and is composed of competitions sponsored individually and by cycling groups. The CRCA is the umbrella organization for much of the NYC cycling community, but the competitions for e2Value's cycling team are geographically widespread and quite varied. 

Balancing competitive cycling with full-time jobs and families is no easy feat, but our riders make it look easy. Against formidable competitors like teams sponsored by Comedy Central and The Weather Channel, e2Value's riders value hard work and a love of cycling. When e2Value was first approached to sponsor the team, the caliber of sponsors for other groups made lending our support an easy decision. We're proud to sponsor cyclists alongside Blue Ribbon, Rockstar Games, FGX and other leaders in their respective industries. 

Because of limits on the number of riders, our team isn't able to accept all interested cyclists. This makes the process of choosing riders selective, though it doesn't always come down to raw talent. With a community-focused approach to filling the team, our leaders look for additions who they'd like to share a breakfast table with. Embodying the team philosophy of dedication and sportsmanship sets prospective riders ahead of the competition. 

We're excited for another year of heated contests and personal growth for our riders. Their level of dedication inspires us on a daily basis, and we couldn't ask for better representatives of the e2Value brand. On this blog, we'll profile riders, recap major competitions and bring you more coverage of our team as it continues the tradition of excellence it's come to embody over decades of rides. 

Our commitment to the racing team is just one of the ways e2Value aims to give back. They make us proud by getting the word out about our suite of solutions and we're happy to provide them with the resources they need to continue making the difficult look easy.