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Accurate property value estimates help insurance and banking professionals manage risk.

As the leading provider of web-based property valuation solutions, e2Value® can assist you with all of your Insurance-to-Value (ITV) and collateral value monitoring needs. Our online property valuation software is fast, cost-effective, accurate and offers an excellent user experience.

Whether you are looking for valuations for high-value homes, main street homes, condos, co-ops, commercial properties, manufactured homes, log cabins, or farms and ranches, our patented estimator can quickly calculate the cost of replacing a residential, commercial or farm structure, and provide you with a complete valuation report.

Why should you choose e2Value for your property valuation needs?

Obtain property value estimates instantly, with only an address

We know that our clients are looking for a valuation solution that is straightforward and efficient, which is why we developed Pronto®. This product, delivered over the web on a subscription-based, software-as-a-service model, is our response to the challenges facing property insurers and banking professionals today.

Fast, accurate and easy to use, Pronto allows our customers to access a comprehensive valuation report instantly, after inputting only the property’s address. This report includes:

  • A structure valuation that is complete, editable and always available for updating
  • Images that facilitate identification of the correct property
  • Data scoring that specifies which information the value estimates are based on

Update your book of business to optimize ITV ratios and mitigate risk

We understand that any discrepancy between estimated and actual replacement costs can translate into financial risk for our clients. That is why we draw on public and private data sources, in addition to our own deep data, to ensure that our property value estimates are as accurate as possible. Our valuations account for factors such as local variations in wages and materials costs in the construction industry. Batch processing is available and because this service is provided online, users can retrieve and update valuation reports from anywhere, at any time.

Interested in learning more about Pronto and e2Value’s other property valuation services? Contact us by phone at 1-888-371-2788 or send an email to sales@e2value.com.

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Accurate property value estimates help insurance and banking professionals manage risk.

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