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These are the questions that we are asked most often.

Q. Where does e2Value® get its data?
A. e2Value gets its construction data from a variety of national/regional public, government and private databases in addition to our own research that allow us to monitor/update costs for thousands of construction items and components. Our data is updated every quarter, however we will update more often when necessary.

Q. Does e2Value offer CDs or paper versions of your program?
A. We only offer a web-based version of the system. This ensures that your book is centralized, updated regularly and easily maintainable. It also ensures that you get the fastest service and most reliable product in the industry.

Q. How does e2Value’s data compare to other vendors?
A. Our data compares favorably to other vendors, though data is only part of the story. We distance ourselves from the competition by having superior values for high value homes without needlessly penalizing lower valued homes, easy-to-use interfaces, and hassle free integration.

Q. What type of integration, if any, does e2Value offer?
A. We offer a variety of integration possibilities. Companies may utilize our XML/Web services, or (CML™) Customizable Multi-Link interface, or we can develop an option that perfectly suits your business needs. Regardless of the option that you choose, you can be assured that it won’t strain your IT resources.

Q. Are your costs based on construction cost new or rebuilding cost?
A. It depends on what you want. We offer the ability to calculate either cost in addition to the actual cash value. At e2Value, we listen to your business needs before we provide a solution.

Q. Do you provide inflation factors?
A. Yes, in fact inflation factors are free for all enterprise accounts.

Q. Can you run any type or size of home in your system?
A. Our system can handle any size, style or type of home. Unlike other systems where you must switch applications when you get to a certain size, age or construction type, our system does it all. We believe technology should make your life easier, not more confusing.

Q. Does e2Value use its customer’s data for research?
. We do watch how your users access the system in order to make the system more user friendly.

Q. Does anyone else have access to our data?
Only those who you choose to have access may access your data. We take your privacy and your customers’ seriously.

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