e2Value's easy-to-use estimators can produce accurate valuations for virtually any commercial structure.

e2Value® offers an easy-to-use estimator that can accurately calculate replacement costs and actual cash value for virtually any commercial structure, from smaller retail shops to larger, more complex facilities such as hospitals, warehouses, schools and manufacturing centers.

Our valuation solutions are completely customizable and can be seamlessly integrated with your existing systems, while our standardized approach to calculating replacement costs helps ensure accuracy and consistency. With e2Value, you have the option to value multiple structures within a single valuation. Data inputs cover all major construction specification items, including:

  • HVAC
  • Exterior and roof finishes
  • Plumbing
  • Fire protection
  • Foundation type
  • Type of construction

Data selections are organized to allow fast, easy access and our system offers detailed reporting features, administrative tools and import/export capabilities. Users can download and email reports in the following formats: Word, Excel, HTML and PDF.

Valuations for single structures or your entire book can be recalculated instantly, and our Smart Data Warehouse enables you to effectively manage your reports and perform data mining. Photos and diagrams can also easily be added to valuations.

Need a valuation now? You need Pronto®

e2Value’s Pronto solution is also available for commercial properties. With this online replacement cost estimator, all you have to do is input the property’s address and you will immediately receive a complete valuation report. With access to images, measurement tools and data scoring — all available through a single, web-based platform — stakeholders can instantly view and share all the property data in one report, which allows them to begin collaborating about the structure.

For more information about Pronto and our other property valuation services, call 1-888-371-2788 or email us at

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