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e2Value provides fast, accurate and easy-to-use property valuation tools.

e2Value® provides fast, accurate and easy-to-use property valuation tools that easily integrate with your existing systems to expedite information sharing and decision making among the sales, underwriting, asset valuation, predictive modeling and claims functions. Our applications were designed to minimize the demand on your internal resources, while enabling all users—whether novices or experts—to consistently produce accurate valuations for residential, commercial and agricultural properties.

Return on Investment

We believe that investments in technology need to improve your bottom line and must address the impact that implementing new solutions will have on your company’s IT, training, and existing workflows. Our products were designed to minimize these costs to you while providing a superior product, so that on average e2Value customers make or save $4 for every dollar spent on e2Value.

Fast Set up and Minimal Maintenance
e2Value was designed with the specific goal of meeting our users’ business needs, while having a minimal impact on their internal IT resources and budget. Our property valuation system is provided on a subscription-based, Software-as-a-Service model. As a result, there is no need to worry about hardware or software, storing the valuations on your servers or sending out costly and time-consuming updates.

Installation is as simple as obtaining a user ID and a password. You can access and administer the applications through your web browser. Our system’s architecture is so well designed and easy to use that we can have your company up and running with thousands of users in a matter of days!


Accuracy and Consistency
e2Value draws on multiple data sources and uses a standardized approach to calculating replacement costs to ensure that the values we provide are always accurate. Furthermore, with our web-based applications, you can be sure that all users are using the same version every time, so there are no inconsistencies in valuations. Whether discovered after a single loss or a major disaster, underinsurance is an issue for all involved parties. Accurate replacement costs and insuring to value helps property owners rebuild what they’d previously had, receive sufficient contents coverage, avoid a decline in asset value for REO properties and provide the proper value for flood insurance.

e2Value’s property valuation tools can be quickly integrated into your existing processes and systems through XML, as a customized extranet or tailored to meet your specific business needs. Our applications allow you to set up multi-tiered user groups, each with their own definable levels of access and authority.

Performance and Availability
Our products are not modified versions of computer based programs, so there are no crashes resulting from too many users. Best of all, our SLA boasts 99.7% availability, so you can rest assured that our application will be available to your users when they need it. No other ITV provider can guarantee that!

We know that conducting sensitive business transactions over the internet can be a scary proposition. That’s why we’ve always made it a priority to ensure that our security measures not only meet but exceed industry standards. All transactions are encrypted with Verisign™ 128 bit SSL protection, the same level of security used by online banking and investment communities. We utilize state of the art firewall architecture, strong password enforcement, biometric server security, and 24/7/365 intrusion detection monitoring. Additionally, we comply with all current legislation regarding Internet privacy for insurance and financial institutions.

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