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e2Value offers fast, cost-effective
collateral value monitoring
solutions for bank professionals.

e2Value® is proud to offer AV3®, an Automated Valuation Model (AVM) that uses the three vetted approaches to value and provides them in an integrated valuation report.


Using the three approaches to value, AV3 is able to provide consistent, standardized benchmark values. AV3 combines the benefits of:

  • The most widely used Sales Approach AVM: Provides accurate results and high hit rate with maximum property record detail.
  • e2Value Cost Approach: The only replacement cost provider with patented methodology. e2Value’s patented Expert Valuation System has consistently been shown to be accurate for homes ranging from zero to tens of millions of dollars.
  • e2Value Income Approach: Uses formulas set forth by USPAP. Data is derived from a wide number of sources to ensure that it is both current and accurate for all homes.

Who can benefit from AV3?

AV3 helps risk management, loan officers, compliance officers, auditors and others set a consistent asset measurement benchmark.

AV3 is USPAP compliant and follows the current oversight guidelines for AVM use in:

  • Monitoring of collateral values
  • Origination and monitoring of Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC)


  • Valuation Summary: Reconciled/Weighted, Liquidation Values, Confidence Scoring
  • Property Details: Physical, Geographic and Tax Detail, Demographic Highlights
  • Sales/Market AVM: Comparables, Market History and Forecast, Sales History
  • Cost Approach: Reproduction Cost, Depreciated Improvement Cost, Cost Breakdown
  • Income Approach: Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM), Cap Rate, Property Rent, Comparable Rents
  • Land Detail: Capitalization, Assessed and Abstraction Value
  • Do you need insurance replacement costs for properties in your portfolio now?

Do you need insurance replacement costs for properties in your portfolio now?

We have the answer with Pronto® for both residential and commercial properties. With Pronto, all you need to do is input the property’s address and you’ll instantly receive a complete valuation report that includes a structure valuation, images and data scoring. Reports can be retrieved online and updated at any time.

For more information about Pronto, AV3 and our other property valuation services, contact us by phone at 1-888-371-2788 or send an email to sales@e2value.com.
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