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We are often asked to determine an architectural style that is out of the ordinary. Perhaps it’s a church that was converted to a home or a factory converted to a townhouse or a Victorian home stripped of its ornate decorations and renovated to become a 3-family home. Those are easy for us to identify so that our customers can complete the replacement cost estimate.

Architectural style is an important piece of data for our estimators. It tells our system a great deal about the home.

The e2Value estimator tools were designed to handle homes of all sizes, ages and architectural styles, modest homes, museum quality homes or those in between. These include vintage and historic homes, barndominiums, shouses, manufactured homes, log cabins and more.

How about a summer house built in the shape of a pickle barrel? Or a dome home made of concrete and painted green? Or an 18,777 sq ft castle? Can those be valued in e2Value? Yes, they can.

The pickle barrel house in Grand Marais, Michigan was built in the rounded shape of a pickle barrel. It is on the historic registry. While it is not very large—only 491 sq ft—it is certainly one-of-a-kind. The house was originally built as a summer home for a cartoonist. Since it was built in 1926 the replacement cost will need to take into account the vintage features in the house. Our replacement cost is $310,000.

The dome house in Clark Fork, Idaho consists of three connected domes, which are made of concrete and embedded wire. The home has 1,286 sq ft of finished living area. The outside is painted green and viewed from overhead the home is in the shape of an L with a large dome in the L’s angle. There are smaller domes on the ends of each leg of the L-shape. The home has a main kitchen and a kitchenette. The replacement cost for this house is $460,000.

e2Value’s estimators can be used to develop an accurate replacement cost for these homes and more!

The estimators can be used for homes from the Florida Keys to the Arctic Circle, Newfoundland to Alaska, Hawaii to North Carolina and everywhere in between. We understand these homes and provide the options necessary to value them accurately, even castles like the one in Woodstock, CT. This 18,777 sq ft home has a moat and a 126-foot tower. It has fireplaces,  stained glass and imported wood finishes throughout the castle. Justifiably it is considered opulent quality. Our replacement cost estimate of $35,483,000 takes into account that it is somewhat remote and on a lake waterfront.

Whether you are looking for valuations for Mainstreet® homes, high-value homes, modular homes, vintage and historic registry homes, new construction, kit homes, shipping container homes, log cabins, manufactured-mobile and Park Model homes, cottages on a lake, suburban homes, our patented estimator can quickly calculate the cost of replacing a residential, commercial or farm structure and provide you with a fast, cost-effective and accurate replacement cost valuation. Contact us for more information about our estimator tools.