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Too many homeowners report underinsurance. Why? Part of the issue could be outdated valuation methods.

That could mean higher out-of-pocket costs for clients, claim delays, carriers’ mispriced books and unhappy clients. Regardless of the claim, underinsurance matters. Hail, house fires, flooding — they all affect homeowners, agents and carriers.

Pronto from e2Value can help you help your clients by providing more accurate home replacement costs with three quick steps:

  1. Enter the property owner’s name and address.
  2. You’ll receive an online report with replacement cost, data scoring and geo-imagery.
  3. Edit the report if necessary. It’s easy – just update the information, such as adding in additional structures, and recalculate for an updated value. And you’re done!

Pronto Residential provides accurate values for flood insurance. Pronto is also available for commercial structures. e2Value offers additional tools for condominiums, manufactured homes and agricultural structures.

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