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Mortgage rates recently dropped to near record low rates, which has spurred interest in mortgages. Homeowners have been exploring refinancing their mortgage. Home buyers continue to look at purchasing a home to take advantage of the low rates. This activity has been limited by concerns about employment and restrictions on business activity, but have continued nonetheless.

All homeowners need insurance for their home and while shopping for a mortgage, home buyers are also shopping for home insurance.

The article, Best Homeowners Insurance Companies of 2020, discusses why this coverage is important. They have also included their top choices of homeowner insurance companies with an analysis of why they chose each of these. The article lists the key decisions to make when choosing a policy. The type of insured value, deductibles and add-ons, such as coverage for earthquakes and floods, are items can change the cost of a policy but may raise or lower the potential financial risks to the homeowner. Coverage options, descriptions of the types of home insurance and other information make this article a good choice to recommend to agency clients.

An annual review of your homeowners insurance policy is recommended.

It’s also a good time for homeowners to review their current homeowners insurance policy. Does it include all the risks that the home might face? Is there a policy that fits better? Should the homeowner increase coverage? There are risks if a homeowner doesn’t have any insurance coverage or has too little coverage. What is at risk if you don’t have homeowners insurance?

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