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On the heels of the tragic deaths in Alabama, it might be a good time to remind homeowners of the dangers of wind from tornadoes and hurricanes and the importance of preparing for high wind events. We are less than three months from the start of the Atlantic hurricane season, so it’s prudent to start any loss prevention plans as soon as possible. The material, condition and installation of a home’s components can affect how they respond to high winds. Windows, doors, roofing, garage doors, siding and the immediate area surrounding the home are among the elements that can make the home more or less vulnerable to high wind damage.

Preparing for High Winds: How to Protect a Home from Damage provides a comprehensive list of items for homeowners to check, fix or upgrade. Homeowners can prepare for these wind events by remedying some issues themselves. Other remedies require contractors.

Purchase plywood ahead of time, predrill and mark for quicker installation.

Inspection and preparation are important to limit or prevent damage to one’s home. Homeowners can prepare for high wind events by annually inspecting their roof and landscaping. For those in hurricane prone areas, they can purchase plywood ahead of time, predrill and mark the plywood and the windows/doors, for quicker installation. For homeowners who are building new homes, greater resistance to high winds can be built into the home by the choices in the construction and roof types, by including impact resistant glass for doors and windows, and choosing a reinforced garage door, among other items.

Regardless of the whether a home is at risk of high wind events or not, maintaining Insurance-to-Value is important, so that the home is insured for the proper replacement cost. We keep up with changes in costs to provide you with fast, cost-effective and accurate replacement cost valuations. Contact us about estimator tools for Mainstreet® homes, high-value homes, mobile manufactured and kit homes, condos and co-ops, commercial and farm & ranch structures.