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A fire in San Diego's Mission Bay's De Anza Cove Mobile Home Park earlier this August caused approximately $120,000 in damage to a single unit.

When firefighters first arrived at the scene, they found a mobile home already fully engulfed in flames, according to Lee Swanson, a spokesman for the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department.

It took a team of 30 firefighters to contain and neutralize the fire, but they managed to get it under control in about 15 minutes.

One of the home's residents suffered several burns to his arm, and was taken to a local hospital for treatment, as well as a mental health evaluation. While a second person was evaluated for smoke inhalation, he or she was not transported for further medical attention.

The mobile home itself suffered about $100,000 in damages, and another $20,000 of damage was done to personal belongings inside. The fire department called arson investigators to the scene, but their initial investigation was inconclusive.

While rare, events like this do happen, and having a good insurance policy can help homeowners get through what could otherwise be a crippling financial event, in addition to the emotional impact of an experience like this.

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