Flooding continues in Charleston, SC

Residents recovering from recent floods were faced with more flooding in Charleston.

Charleston residents, many of whom were still cleaning up from floods earlier in October, found themselves dealing with additional coastal floods at the end of the month. Bo Peterson, Andrew Knapp and Prentiss Findlay of the Post and Courier reported flood levels reached 8 feet thanks to seasonal tides. Once the water level hits 7 feet, Charleston streets flood. 

While homeowner tried to mop up from recent floods, their homes were again inundated with more water. Water seeped through sandbags into homes, and damaged many buildings including the garage at Ocean Club Villas. According to Steve Gill of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Gulf Stream flow slowed recently, which contributed to the high water level. The recent full moon also contributed by increasing the moon's pull on the ocean. 

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