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A massive wildfire raged in parts of Kansas and Oklahoma, destroying or damaging residential and commercial buildings. According to Insurance Journal, the fires destroyed at least 42 structures in both states. At least 25 of those structures were homes. The fire burned across 400,000 acres of prairie in three counties. 

The fire started in Oklahoma's Woods County and then spread into parts of Kansas. Fire crews have mostly been able to contain about 89 percent of it, but they're still monitoring its remnants. An estimated 370 firefighters were needed to contain it. Kansas firefighters used Black Hawk helicopters from the Kansas Air National Guard to drop water on dry areas engulfed in flames. As of now, officials do not know how this fire started, but Mark Katkov of National Public Radio called this "the largest wildfire in Kansas history."

According to Oklahoma's News 9, the damage has yet to be assessed, but "the Kansas Department of Agriculture says damage to livestock, fencing, water systems and stockpiled hay will be in the millions of dollars." Farmers and ranchers have met with officials in Medicine Lodge, Kansas, to discuss federal assistance for damages. 

In dry areas, wildfires can spring up without notice and cause a great deal of destruction. When it comes to the rebuilding process, insuring to value with an accurate online valuation of property can make the whole process smoother for everyone involved. 

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