Tree struck by lightning crashes into Everett home

A home in Everett, Washington was damaged on August 14 when a tree was struck by a bolt of lightning and fell onto the building.

The lightning hit along Mukilteo Boulevard, and the tree also fell through and ruptured a gas line on its way down. Linda Liberato, a neighbor, told Kiro7 in an interview that feeling the force of the lightning strike near her was "was amazing, it was incredible."

Nobody was injured by the mishap. The homeowners, who were out of the house when the storm struck, have said that the incident caused minor damage to their garage, which is now leaking and covered in tree branches. Firefighters on the scene say that by the time they arrived, the tree had been split and that debris was strewn across the property and its neighbor's lawn. With the help of Puget Sound Energy, the firefighters helped to repair the ruptured gas line.

While rare, events like this do happen, and having a good insurance policy can help homeowners cope with both minor and major disasters.

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