Town of Revere, Massachusetts still recovering from 2014 tornado

It’s been over a year since a 120 mile per hour twister ripped through the quiet, Massachusetts town of Revere, and the town is still trying to recover.

The tornado, which only lasted for four minutes, managed to rip through 65 homes and inflict over $4 million in damage.

The worst damage was dealt across Broadway and Revere Beach Parkway, which government surveyors believe was the strongest point of the short-lived twister’s touchdown.

Carolann Gambale, a 72-year-old resident recalled the Tornado to The Boston Globe, saying that, “You see things flying through the air. I watched all the trees come down like toothpicks,” she added. “It went down my walkway here, hit the back of the house, and took everything in it.”

The town marked the EF-2 category tornado’s one year anniversary by commissioning a granite stone in front of City Hall. The stone’s inscription described the twister’s path, and mentioned to millions of dollars of damages it inflicted, and the city’s efforts to support the 150 affected families and businesses.

While the damage was staggering, Mayor Daniel Rizzo expressed his thanks that not a single live was lost, nor any major injuries inflicted. “It’s absolutely remarkable how an EF-2 tornado can come through an urban community like the city of Revere and have no major injuries and no fatalities,” he said. “We want to mark that . . . by commemorating the event and paying homage to the many people who came to the aid of a city in need.”

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