Pasco, FL residents continue to fight floodwaters

Earlier this August, a massive flood tore through Pasco County, Florida, leaving residents partially trapped and with significantly damaged property on their hands. While the local government is moving to provide relief to homeowners soon, for many, like James Geoghegan, it just isn't coming quickly enough.

Rather than waiting around, Geoghegan took matters into his own hands, hiring a line of dump trucks to start pouring dirt into his yard in an attempt to protect his home. "We're just trying to get the water away from my house," he said. "We're just keeping it within 30 feet from my house. So that way if it comes up again I don't have to worry about it coming into my home,"

His home has been surrounded by flood water for over a week, and in that time, it has only receded by seven or eight inches. 

County spokespeople have said that this flooding event is the worst the town has seen since 2003, when the Bass Lake area stayed flooded for eight weeks. Right now, the county is setting up the infrastructure to start slowly redirecting floodwater in the Gulf of Mexico, though for the time being, it's a slow process. Ultimately, they're hoping their efforts will clear the flood waters within four weeks instead of eight.

While rare, events like this do happen. A good flood insurance policy, based on an accurate replacement cost, can help homeowners avoid potentially crippling financial outcomes at the same time that they are dealing with disruptive, emotional events like this flooding.

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