Ohio Valley experiences flooding on both sides

As communities complete the final leg of winter 2014-15, many regions of the country are braced for flooding that can result from quickly melting snow. On both sides of the Ohio River, local authorities have warned citizens of the threat over the next several weeks. 

"Louisville [Kentucky] water levels have already been labeled at the flooding stage checking in at 55 feet since early Monday morning," explains a report in the Courier Journal. "The crest, or the highest phase of the flood wave when it passes through an area, is expected to reach 57 feet by Tuesday."

So far, roads have been most affected by the regional flooding, though if conditions worsen the incidents could cause damage to real estate. For seasonal flooding and other natural disasters, it's critical for homeowners to purchase appropriate real estate insurance coverage that reflects extraordinary circumstances. Most standard homeowners' policies don't cover flood damage, so working with clients to match them with the right additional policies is very important. 

For flood insurance policies and standard agreements alike, having a valid valuation that is up-to-date, accurate and consistent can prevent issues when disaster strikes. Homes with insufficient valuations can lead to out-of-pocket expenses to rebuild to the same standards as before or significant financial losses. As seen in areas affected by Superstorm Sandy, sometimes insufficient settlements can lead to costly and protracted legal proceedings. 

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