More states release warnings about hurricane season

This blog previously highlighted a warning from the Texas Department of Insurance about the severe weather risks that escalate during the spring and summer, including wildfires and strong storms that bring wind and hail.

More recently, several other states have released advisories to encourage property owners to prepare for the threat of hurricanes. In Massachusetts, state social service agencies have been particularly concerned about raising awareness among residents of Cape Cod, which is particularly vulnerable to extreme weather because it extends out into the Atlantic.

At a recent event in Hyannis, Rachel Potts, disaster program manager for the American Red Cross in Southeastern Massachusetts, told attendees that they need to take a proactive approach to being prepared for severe weather.

"I have found people are not as prepared as they should be," Potts said during an interview with the Cape Cod Times. "I think it's the American mentality. People don't want to think about disaster. They think it's not going to happen to them."

Meanwhile, in Virginia, the state Bureau of Insurance is warning property owners to make sure they have adequate coverage. Commissioner Jacqueline Cunningham put out a press release specifically reminding residents that they should not wait until a storm is bearing down them to purchase an insurance policy.

Insurance carriers and financial institutions can help prepare for hurricanes or other severe weather that may arise this summer by using a single valuation system that provides accurate, cost-effective replacement values for residential, commercial, and farm & ranch properties. Accurate valuations for structures are essential to ensure that property owners are covered for the full cost of repairing or replacing their property.