Insurance professionals conduct drills to prepare for disasters

Most natural disasters can strike immediately and unexpectedly, so it's important for insurance professionals to have a workflow in place to address the volume of claims and questions that flood in after a hurricane, tornado or other catastrophic incident. If it's typically smooth sailing in your office, you might take the monotony and even keel for granted. One successful system Farmers Insurance in California has adopted is to implement mock catastrophes, so that employees can complete drills to prepare for a real-life disaster response plan. 

Rod Harden, head of catastrophe claims for the division of Farmers, says that disseminating information to policyholders year-round helps prepare both sides of the relationship for a potential crisis. 

"We conduct mock events and drills on a consistent basis to ensure that team members are ready to react and respond as a cohesive unit. Locally based Farmers agents also share safety information and helpful tips with customers throughout the year, while consumers are also able to access a series of smart tips via Farmers Inner Circle."

When an unexpected situation derails the households and livelihoods of policyholders, it's important to have those emergency responses ready to launch. One of the best ways to be proactive about natural disasters and other critical incidents is to make sure your entire book of properties is updated with current, accurate valuations. At e2Value, we've pioneered web-based valuation solutions to help professionals secure reliable and consistent information for policies. 

Contact us today to learn more about our suite of solutions, from residential to commercial and even special systems for farms and ranches. With good preparation, your clients can rest assured that their insurance policies reflect the most current replacement cost of their properties.