Homeowners’ policies may not cover weather damage

At e2Value, we understand that a solid homeowners' insurance policy starts with an accurate valuation. From there, however, customers should be advised to make sure their policy covers incidents that are likely to cause trouble for homeowners based on weather, natural disasters and other possible scenarios in their regions. Right now, many homeowners are struggling with the effects of winter, which can cause damage that may or may not be covered in existing policies. 

According to CBS New York, this year record snows in the Northeast have "swamped" insurance claims adjusters, restoration companies and cleaning firms. While the worst may be behind homeowners in the region, damages caused by inclement cold weather could have lasting effects on fixtures and structural aspects of homes inundated with snow. 

"We've been working 16-18-hour work days every day since I think last Monday. This is actually not a large loss. This is a normal loss," Tom Modafferi of Flag Enterprises Restoration told the news outlet. 

Because weather can be a potent impetus for homeowners' insurance claims, it's important that customers are directed to maintain the most current and accurate home valuation for their replacement costs. Provided that the damage is covered by an insurance policy, valuations need to reflect the authentic price of rebuilding or restoring a home to reduce costs. Homeowners with inaccurate valuations may find that the policy they've paid for is insufficient to meet replacement needs in the event of weather damage. Additionally, homeowners should have a comprehensive understanding of existing policies to understand whether damage meets the criteria for a claim. 

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