Federal government declares Louisiana a disaster area

Louisiana is suffering due to historic floods.


On Aug. 14, President Obama declared in an official statement a major disaster exists in Louisiana following the destruction caused by flooding and severe storms beginning on Aug. 11 and continuing into this week. Subsequently, he has ordered that Federal aid supplement local and state recovery efforts. Since last week, more than 30 inches of rain fell in southern areas of the state, where waterways surged over their banks, according to ABC News.

Due to widespread flooding, over 20,000 residents have been rescued from their homes, 12,000 are currently in shelters, 40,000 businesses are without power and an estimated six individuals have died. Rescue workers are still saving those in some of the hardest-hit areas of the state. While experts say the worst of the rainfall is over, water levels in the rivers are not expected to recede for a couple of days.

“Over 20,000 residents have been rescued from their homes.”

Gov. John Bel Edwards told ABC News that the state has experienced “historic levels of rivers rising” and he’s asking his constituents to continue to be patient while recovery and aid efforts are still underway. He urged them not to “get out and sightsee” even though the weather is better because many roadways and areas are still not safe and secured.

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