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Following a spate of hazardous winter weather conditions, many homeowners may be faced with property damage that needs to be fixed. From ice dams to fallen trees, the issues created by snowstorms can range from cosmetic to structural. Sometimes knowing whether damage is sufficient enough to make it worthwhile to file a claim is challenging. While residential insurance policies exist to help minimize the financial impact of damage to homes, some incidents don't quite warrant a claim. 

Jeffrey Moore with Able Insurance told WGRZ News that before contacting a claims hotline, policyholders should consult with their agent about the severity of property damage. Mistakenly pursuing a claim based on issues worth less than an insurance deductible can drive up rates. 

"What's very dangerous is once you call the company and start a claim, you cannot retract the claim," says Moore. "That claim will be on your record for three years even if nothing was paid out."

With the help of an agent, homeowners can get a better sense of whether an incident is worth reporting for a settlement. In many cases, it might be more prudent and cost-effective to fix minor damage out of pocket. Agents can also ensure that the home valuation reflected in the policy is as up-to-date and accurate as possible. This can be assured by obtaining a regular update to valuations or pursuing a new estimate each time homeowners make major updates to their existing properties. 

To do this, insurance professionals can use our reliable home valuation calculator, which gives consistent and accurate assessments of properties' replacement values. Contact us today to learn more about our valuation services and how they can help grow your client base.