Why should you use a replacement cost valuator for your clients? [Video]

If you’re insuring residential or commercial property for your clients, your valuation process should be quick and easy to understand, but most importantly, accurate. Otherwise, an underinsured property could cost your clients thousands of dollars or more for the difference between the estimated replacement cost and the actual rebuilding expense.

Pronto, an e2Value SaaS solution, uses an online subscription based model to allow people to create a comprehensive valuation report immediately. It is simple to use, improves client satisfaction and provides an instant, reliable valuation whenever you want. It doesn’t matter if you need a replacement cost for flood insurance or Insurance-to-Value solutions, Pronto is exactly what you need.

Don’t hesitate. Consider using Pronto, starting right now. All you need to do is enter a property address and Pronto will deliver a comprehensive report that includes a structure valuation, data scoring, and images.

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