Web-based services provide value to companies in multiple industries

A recent survey of more than 500 U.S. companies administered by Microsoft revealed that firms increasingly see value in using cloud-based services in their daily operations, with 86 percent of respondents saying they believe the technology is important to their organization's success.

More specifically, 60 percent said they believe adopting new technology has allowed them to increase revenue and compete more effectively with other companies, particularly larger firms. However, respondents did point to several concerns they have about storing their data in the cloud and upgrading their internal systems, including implementation costs, uncertainty about security and the need to be able to access information from multiple locations using different devices.

As Kirk Gregersen, general manager of Microsoft's Office division, wrote in a blog post discussing the survey results, these are all extremely logical things for companies to have concerns about. After all, it is increasingly common for organizations of all kinds to have multiple offices, remote workers and a need for real-time collaboration with external stakeholders in different locations.

Regardless of their industry, businesses need to be discerning when selecting a solution provider to ensure that they end up with a system that will meet their needs.

e2Value's web-based property valuation software helps insurance companies and financial institutions enjoy the benefits of the cloud while addressing each of the concerns cited by respondents to the Microsoft survey.

Cost-efficient: Our valuation tools easily integrate with your existing systems to expedite information sharing and decision making, mitigating the cost of implementation and providing a strong return on investment. e2Value was designed to minimize the impact on your IT resources and user training costs while providing the most efficient platform for generating, updating and accessing property valuations. On average, our customers make or save $4 for every dollar spent on e2Value.

Security: Keeping your sensitive data secure is a top priority for us, which is why we ensure that our security measures exceed industry standards. All transactions are encrypted with 128 bit SSL protection, the same level of security used by online banking and investment communities. Additionally, we utilize state of the art firewall architecture, strong password enforcement, biometric server security and 24/7/365 intrusion detection monitoring.

Accessibility: e2Value's Smart Data Warehouse provides customers with a central place to store and view property valuations, facilitating collaboration during the policy renewal and claims management processes. Reports are available as soon as they are completed and contain all of the factors that values are based on, eliminating confusion about what data was used to value a structure.

Our solutions can be used for residential, commercial and farm & ranch properties.