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e2Value’s Structure Insurance Score (SIS) is featured in the Technology Spotlight of the Willis Towers Watson Quarterly Briefing Q2 2020. The SIS, developed through an alliance between Willis Towers Watson and e2Value, provides a more comprehensive view of how vulnerable a dwelling is to typical perils than traditional rating characteristics.

The article explains the SIS product and how it can improve underwriting and pricing. Risk and premiums can be more closely linked. The SIS product looks at over 150 home characteristics and assigns a home risk score. This score can be used to assess insurance risk more accurately than traditional rating methods alone.

Two homes in the same neighborhood might look very similar and be charged the same premium for their homeowners insurance based on traditional rating methods. An analysis of these homes through SIS may paint a different picture, however. The result is more accurate underwriting and pricing, which improves a carrier’s business.

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