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After 17 years helping our customers, we’ve learned some lessons about what they expect.

Lesson 1: Why don’t you ask more questions?
Our system’s sophisticated logic architecture and data take the guesswork out of property valuation.

Lesson 2: Where do your costs come from?
Costs are based on research, and builder and supplied data. Our system’s knowledge and methodology generates valuations, and we report the values.

Data is everywhere. We can teach how to develop values from data to test our values or any values.

Our major is ITV
Customers in the U.S. and Canada trust our ITV tools to value their clients’ most valuable assets, regardless of the property type.

Final Exam
After brush fire, hail, tornado and hurricane claims, our tools’ performance is proven. Clients tell us they could fulfill their promises because we fulfilled ours.

Want to learn more and receive an A+ at claims time? Contact us! Just correct ITV—that’s truly high honors.

Contact us: 1-888-371-2788 or e2value.com/contact-us