Is your valuation workflow out-of-date?

As a professional in the insurance industry, your business bears the standard for a long tradition of risk protection. As a result, your practices and methods may be a bit out of date, a problem that even insurance professionals and consultants admit about what they find on the ground. 

"As an industry, Insurance is traditionally less progressive when it comes to technology and innovation," explains Andrew Lovrovich of West Monroe, a business consultancy. "It is still common to see carriers using antiquated systems that lack enterprise data and functional integration capabilities. In fact, only recently have major Insurance carriers taken into consideration the fact that there is a steady shift of consumer preference to online channels."

One of the hazards of failing to embrace innovation in your operating model is that you risk falling behind competitors. If your rivals have adopted efficient, web-based solutions for property valuations, customer service and other needs, they might outpace you in terms of client satisfaction and growth. Your office may be encumbered with too many administrative tasks or a workflow that must be customized to clients on a case-by-case basis, lacking the flexibility to serve many purposes at once. 

These shortfalls are barriers to the growth you surely want your company to achieve. With a flexible workflow solution and reliable, consistent valuation methods, your office will be able to handle a higher volume of customers and deliver a high quality of service. 

At e2Value, we've pioneered web-based solutions for property valuation that save insurance professionals time and money. Contact us today to learn more about our suite of tools that can help your enterprise perform more efficiently.