Insurance industry to work on expanding diversity

How can the insurance industry increase its diversity?

According to experts within the insurance industry, creating a broadly diverse and inclusive workforce will require looking at the internal systems that currently guide this sector of the economy. Engaging middle managers will also be essential, as those are the people who will be implementing changes on an individual level at their own companies and businesses over time.

AIG, for example, has announced that it will establish an equity management team in early 2016 to attack the issues such as unconscious bias in the workplace, and how protocols and procedures within the company can correct the situation. With these specific recommendations, AIG can work toward making the company a place where all points of view are respected.

"I think one of the most important things about addressing equity is to have the courage to really look at your organization, where it really is, and especially in our industry where you know the equity hasn't been there," said Nichole Barnes Marshall, global head of diversity and inclusion with Aon P.L.C. in Chicago.

While many companies are eager to deal with the issue of diversity, many experts believe these places are not looking in the correct area. There is often not enough emphasis on the processes that lead to an unequal work environment, something that will need to change as the insurance industry heads into 2016.

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