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For professionals in the insurance industry, the inspection process can be fraught with delays and red tape. Instead of collaboration between stakeholders, it can be difficult to avoid miscommunication and ensure that all parties are on the same page. As time passes, those errors and inconsistencies can add up to cause real financial strain on companies and individuals involved in a valuation. 

With e2Value's inspection workflow solutions, insurance carriers and inspection companies can benefit from seamless, digital communication on an easy-to-use platform. 

Insurance companies can order and receive inspections digitally, whether those companies work with third party vendors or employ their own in-house inspectors. Inspections demand a 360 degree view of a property, so our platform allows users to include photos, condition reports and valuations. This helps to provide the best quality of service to clients and partners in a reliable, standardized system. 

For inspection companies, devising an airtight workflow can be costly and challenging. Those without a standard method of processing inspections might handle clients on a case-by-case basis, which wastes considerable time and money in customizing the process. Rather than experiencing delays, e2Value's workflow solutions allow values to be generated immediately and can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems. 

Most of all, our solutions facilitate communication between companies and individuals on all sides of a valuation, allowing those entities to update each other in real time. If your business hasn't implemented a streamlined workflow, chances are that it could increase its client load once a better system is integrated. For growing businesses, making those communications as efficient and consistent as possible is critical to reaching expansion targets and fostering loyalty among existing partners. Contact us today to learn more about inspection workflow solutions.