How clients are finding replacement costs for their homes

Providing fast, accurate home valuations improves the customer experience.

No homeowners want to deal with losing their home to a catastrophic event, but property insurance is there when policyholders need it. Not all valuations are the same though, and many clients are double-checking their policies to get a clear understanding of how much is covered. Case in point is a recent San Francisco Chronicle article on how to find the most accurate replacement costs for homes

"Providing a fast and accurate home valuation will show clients that they can rely on you."

The basic dwelling limit should be as close as possible to the actual amount it would take to rebuild the home, should a catastrophic event like fire, hail or windstorm damage or destroy it. Correct Insurance-to-Value is important even for partial claims, to avoid co-insurance penalties. Clients who are not certain their dwelling limit is accurate may request a physical property inspection. However there are other, more cost-effective options outlined in the article, including e2Value.

Providing a fast and accurate home valuation will show clients that they can rely on you to be transparent, helpful and receptive. Pronto® from e2Value is an easy-to-use online replacement cost valuator for residential and commercial properties. Simply input details on the property, and receive an instant replacement cost. Using this innovative tool, insurers can improve the customer experience and provide superior data-driven service. 

As the leading provider of web-based property valuation solutions, e2Value can assist you with all of your Insurance-to-Value (ITV) and collateral value monitoring needs. Whether you are looking for valuations for high-value homes, Mainstreet® homes, condos, co-ops, commercial properties, manufactured homes, log cabins, or farms and ranches, our patented estimator can quickly calculate the cost of replacing a residential, commercial or farm structure, and provide you with a fast, cost-effective and accurate replacement cost valuation.