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For homeowners, installing a home security system can lead to peace of mind. Whether you're home at night or away on vacation, they add a layer of security to keep intruders away. Alarms serve not just as a response to home invasion, but also as a strong deterrent. According to Safewise, an "overwhelming majority" of burglars say they intentionally avoid homes that include security systems, so they can prevent burglary as much as they address it. 

While security systems provide comfort and safety for families and belongings, they are also attractive home features to homeowners' insurance providers. As a level of protection that can avert costly claims, many providers extend discounts to policy holders who install burglar alarms. Often, those discounts can factor to more than five percent in premium reductions. According to the Insurance Institute, with a couple other bells and whistles like active monitoring and dispatch capabilities, home security systems can save homeowners more than 15 percent. 

With those stats in mind, now might be the perfect time to explore alarm system options. U.S. News and World Report says that start-up costs, installation and equipment can cost between $600 and $1,200, with monthly monitoring rates anywhere between $15 and $100. The market is rich with packages at various price points and levels of security, and most homeowners pay about $30 per month on monitoring. While systems generally require registrants to sign a contract for one to three years, during that time the cost of securing your home can pay for itself in real estate insurance discounts. 

Generally, homeowners insurance companies want to offer competitive prices and reward assurances that your home won't incur preventable claims. Home security systems are an excellent preventative step that your insurance provider may recognize with a sizeable break.