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For insurance professionals, finding new ways to provide better service to clients is a constant task. According to Patricia Harmon of Property Casualty 360, one of the best systems to adopt is to streamline policy checks for your existing customers. She spoke to professionals who said insurance professionals should review their issued policies for deficiencies and concerns. 

"At the time of a catastrophe, the policyholder too often realizes that their replacement cost coverage may not be what it seems," says Bruce Kabat, chief operating officer of Adjusters International Colorado. "Prior to a devastating loss, it is critical for the insured to understand how such factors as code upgrade coverage, co-insurance, and even deductibles can impact their recovery."

Policyholders assume a degree of literacy and understanding when they accept the terms of a policy, but this doesn't make them insurance experts. That's why it's important for representatives of their insurance company to do as much as they can to keep their clients up to speed about issues like natural disaster insurance, updating their home valuation and taking other preventative steps to ensure they're prepared for the worst. 

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