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The farm and ranch industry is critical for the food industry and the economy with a total production value of more than $300 billion. Despite its importance, farm and ranch structures are sometimes overlooked by the insurance industry. However, e2Value offers one of the only web-based estimator tools for structures on farms and ranches. Accurate replacement cost valuations allow farm and ranch owners to know—and insure—their buildings correctly.

International Business Times recently published e2Value Provides One Of The Only Web-Based Estimating Tools For Farm And Ranch Structures. This article describes the risks of underinsuring farm structures, how the e2Value tool was developed, and the advantages of the estimator tools for the farm owner beyond just a replacement cost.

The Farm and Ranch Estimator includes over 80 structure types and the ability to build out the farm structures in detail. In addition to farm and ranch structures, residential structures on the farms can also be included.

e2Value’s estimators allow you to quickly and easily value homes of any size or age. You are able to value the smaller older homes and newer larger high value homes and everything in between, plus condos, co-ops, commercial properties, manufactured homes, log cabins, or farms and ranches. Our patented estimator can quickly calculate the cost of replacing a residential, commercial or farm structure. Contact us for more information about our estimator tools.