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The live webinar on June 25th “Augmented Underwriting: Power the Data-Driven Underwriter of The Future” will discuss the steps you need to take to move into the next era for underwriting.

Advanced analytics, AI and the availability of data is heralding a new era of augmented underwriting. Streams of data are now being continuously collected, feeding algorithms and machine learning tools that convert that data into immediate, actionable insights, with a predictive view of risk.

Crack augmented underwriting and you’ll get a colossal competitive advantage; respond quicker to changes in behavior, competition, and demand, underwrite portfolios more efficiently and adjust rates on a live basis.

You can sign up here – and you’ll be sent the recordings following the webinar.

Tune-in and you’ll hear from these industry trailblazers: 

  • Elena Rasa, Chief Underwriting Officer, Zurich
  • Shawn Homand, SVP, Chief Underwriting Officer, Property, Ironshore
  • William Dine, SVP Corporate Operations, Farmers of Salem
  • Guenter Kryszon, Executive Underwriting Officer, Global Property, Markel
  • Todd Rissel, Chairman & CEO, e2Value (Moderator)

In this one-hour free webinar (sponsored by e2Value) you’ll hear how to:

  • Make the move to data-driven pricing decisions: Utilize low-touch data from insureds, agents and brokers to make more accurate pricing decisions, grounded in sophisticated analytics and rules-based decision support
  • Reduce the cost of supporting infrastructure and transform into a truly data-driven underwriter by reducing field services through contactless data gathering and parametrics and streamlining valuations and claims
  • Discuss if straight-through processing is a reality for property underwriters and what role parametrics will play in touchless claims settlements
  • Exploit the vast amounts of data being generated by your customers and harness that data to develop new services – plus, get tips on the best way to share these insights with your customers
  • Avoid underinsurance caused by outdated valuation methods and mitigate against out-of-pocket costs for clients, claim delays, mispriced books and unhappy clients by using technology such as data scoring and geo-imagery to deliver more accurate property valuations

Sign up here – and you’ll be sent the recordings following the webinar.