Analyze your flood risk today! [Video]

While most of the rain has passed, the extensive damage to parts of southern Louisiana remains. It’s been called a one-in-a-1000-year event! In light of these devastating floods, where over 40,000 homes have been damaged and thousands are living in shelters, homeowners must be more aware of how at risk their residence may be to flood damage.

Unlike hurricane season, where it is perceived only homes near the ocean bear the brunt of these natural disasters, any home can be at risk to flood damage, even if they are not where it rains and not near a watercourse. A small or dry creek can become a raging torrent of water with just a few inches of rain. Who needs flood insurance?

Typically, mortgage holders require homes in a flood zone to have it but not all mortgage holders enforce that rule. Anyone who lives in or even near a flood zone indicating the probable chance of flood in a 100 or even 500-year event also needs it. Check your flood zone on a FEMA map, then check with your insurance advisor for the options to buy flood insurance.

Everyone needs to be proactive and analyze their flood risk – starting today!

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