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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s 2017 hurricane forecast was released on May 25. NOAA predicts a greater chance of an above normal season than the chance for either a near normal or a below normal season. Their predictions include 11-17 named storms, 5-9 hurricanes and 2-4 major hurricanes. The 2017 hurricane season starts June 1 and runs through November 30, although storms can occur outside of that time period.

“Any hurricane that comes close to or makes landfall can damage properties.”

While this season’s hurricane forecasts from other sources vary from below average to average to above average, many mention El Niño as an important factor in the forecasts. If El Niño develops this summer, it would be expected to limit the number of storms this hurricane season. If it doesn’t develop, the below average and average forecasts might have underestimated the number of storms. El Niño is a phenomenon associated with warmer ocean temperatures in the equatorial Pacific Ocean that tends to hinder hurricane formation in the Atlantic Ocean. NOAA expects El Niño to be weak or not to develop at all.

Regardless of the number or strength of hurricanes expected in a given season, any hurricane that comes close to or makes landfall can damage properties. They are a potential threat to homes and businesses, and can cause damage from both wind and flooding, which sometimes occurs beyond the coastal area impacted directly by the hurricane. Wind and storm surge may cause less destruction when a storm skirts the coastline than when it makes landfall but can still devastate properties.

Recent disasters point to the need for homeowners coverage that will replace their homes when needed. Many U.S. homes are underinsured yet homeowners may be unaware of this.

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