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We admit it—we love reading about construction and watching videos of construction projects.

One of our recent favorites shows how three types of garages are built. We loved these videos and wanted to share them with you. They are of Ken’s Karpentry of Lyndonville, VT, building three types of garages—a ranch, gambrel and saltbox.

Ken walks us through the entire process with commentary in about 16 minutes or less. He also provides pricing.

Although 3-D printed houses have been around for a while, they are not widely known or publicized. Most are still experimental. Here is a short clip of how part of a 3D-printed house is built. These types of homes are built using large 3D printers that are usually set up on the home site but can also be set up in a factory. Typically, concrete (or plastic) is squeezed out through a nozzle as the printer builds up the walls of the structure. The process is similar to today’s 3-D printers—just on a much, much larger scale.

We hope you enjoy these videos—and learn a little bit more about construction along the way.

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