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Business intelligence can help property insurers provide a superior customer experience. Companies are gathering more information on their customers than ever before thanks to Big Data and other digital trends.

This information is invaluable because it allows for actionable initiatives to engage and retain customers. With this data, insurers can provide more customized services depending on a number of factors, such as geography, personal experience, interests and many others.

“Use communication channels that work for the clients.”

Provide personalized communications
Your clients aren’t all the same, so why would you send them all the same communications? Clients don’t want to be seen as just a bunch of numbers, so use this data to paint a vivid picture, and take that knowledge to create more relevant communications.

Use communication channels that work for the clients, whether that’s email, social media platforms or phone calls. Personalized messages will help to build a rapport and be more effective than simple blanket statements.

Add new life to the ‘Valley of Desperation’
When a client purchases a policy, it might be quite a while later before he or she will likely have to use it. The period in between those events is known as the “Valley of Desperation,” according to Property Casualty 360, because the client doesn’t usually hear from the insurer during this time. The only communications that go out may be requests for payment.

For today’s engagement-seeking client, that’s just not enough. Connecting with customers by using messages tailored to them, can help build loyalty because the clients feel that their insurer is there for them. In addition, it also develops a smoother process when it comes to filing claims.

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