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We passed a milestone in June—e2Value signed up its 1,000th client in the USA! Our thanks to Woodland Mutual of Carlton, Minnesota, which became client number 1,000. We are glad they joined the e2Value family.

Eric Johnson, Manager of Woodland, shared some images of Carlton, Woodland, and some background on Woodland: “Like most mutuals, we’ve been around for a long time…since 1907 actually. We provide insurance for homes and farms across northern Minnesota. We’re blessed with dedicated employees, agents, and partners that understand the value of good customer service. We are excited to build a partnership with e2Value!”

Woodland Mutual
Woodland Mutual

A Little Bit About e2Value History…

e2Value does not go back to 1907. Our first client signed up in October 2001. Todd, co-founder and now CEO, traveled to Orlando, FL a few weeks after 9-11 to visit prospective clients in Florida. e2Value and our soon-to-be clients weren’t going to let terrorists “win.” We were happy to travel and they were happy to see us. Todd adds, “I flew from New York to Orlando. Probably 10 people on the plane. You could bowl down any hallway in the airport and not hurt a soul. The car rental counter had one client, me. Even the roads were empty. I was happy to travel and was even happier a company wanted to see me. I called George, my co-founder, and told him, I think we have our first customer! (What I was really saying was, ‘Aren’t you glad to quit your promising corporate career to start a business after 9-11? Don’t worry, we have a client!’”

Bruce Howson, Michael Cratem and John Rogan welcomed Todd to the Sunshine State Insurance Company Offices in Ponte Verde, FL. Within a week they were a client. Our thanks to Bruce, Mike and John for becoming our first customer, as well as Eric, 999 clients later. We appreciate and thank all 998 customers in between too!

Ironically, nineteen years later, Orlando is probably empty again. Few people are on planes now, we aren’t traveling and the offices are empty. Even if we did travel, there would be anyone to visit! This time we “win” by staying home.

Like parents with their children, all our clients are special. It is fitting that a mutual carrier became client number 1,000. We have been a part of the mutual carrier world since 2002

Our thanks to Woodland Mutual and all our clients that have helped us on this journey. You are, literally, everything to us at e2Value.

We hope everyone is safe and stays healthy.