Red Cross launches fire prevention and safety campaign

After several recent fires broke out in Wake County, North Carolina, the Red Cross has launched a fire safety and prevention campaign. Local volunteers are being trained to visit people's homes and canvass them for general fire hazards and for working smoke detectors. The team of over 25 volunteers is also working with local fire departments to provide and install new, working smoke alarms for homes lacking them.

Smoke detectors are sometimes dismissed after routine cooking activity sets them off. However, installing them in the right places can save lives and help prevent the devastation of a house-wide fire by alerting homeowners before it becomes a serious threat.

The campaign has also been applied to other areas in the country. In the statement describing its efforts, the Red Cross said that its "teams are ready to install free smoke alarms and share fire safety information. You do not need to own your home to be eligible." The Red Cross provides information about preparing for and preventing home fires at

Most homeowners never experience a home fire. While rare, events like this do happen. Prevention not only includes working smoke detectors, it includes an insurance policy based on an accurate replacement cost. This helps homeowners avoid what could otherwise be a crippling financial event while they are dealing with the distress of the aftermath of a house fire.

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