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Spring is here, and that means so is the bicycle racing season. We’re proud to sponsor a competitive cycling team. Each year, the e2Value team races as part of the Century Road Club Association of New York City. Our team is the longest continuously-racing team in the league. The competition includes teams sponsored by The Weather Channel and Rockstar Games. It’s a long season and it takes conditioning, dedication and a passion for racing to keep up all through the spring, summer and fall.

Led by captain, and new father, Graham Macbeth, the e2Value team has been racing since the 1990s. In addition to their drive and competitive spirit, the team also has a lot of fun together. Their camaraderie and team mentality help them motivate each other during the months of grueling competition.

While cycling competitively from March through September, these racers also have families and full-time jobs. During the offseason, cyclists continue to train every day to stay in top form. It takes dedication and a love of cycling to keep this team going, and that kind of passion is why we’re proud to sponsor them.

Races are typically held on Saturday or Sunday mornings. We’ll be following the e2Value Racing Team on this blog throughout the season, sharing updates on their progress and stories from the cyclists themselves. You can also check out the CRCA racing calendar for more information on upcoming events.