Concerns, trends and opportunities in commercial construction for 2019

The commercial and institutional construction market is expected to continue to be busy in 2019, but the profits and size of jobs are not generally anticipated to increase over last year. Finding enough skilled labor has been an ongoing concern in all sectors of the building industry and this market is no different. In addition to concerns over finding enough skilled labor, there are increasing worries over the cost of materials and the availability of materials. These issues impact costs and the ability to commit to and meet construction deadlines.

The increasing gap between retiring workers and new recruits has been putting upward pressure on wages. Programs to find and train new workers have appeared in many locations around the country. It was a topic of discussion at the recent concrete show in Las Vegas.

“These issues impact costs and the ability to commit to and meet deadlines.”

Prefabrication, incorporating more technology, robotics and the growth of modular construction have been alternatives that some builders incorporate into their process in order to mitigate the labor shortages and to help meet their schedules. Modular units for example, can be built offsite in factories while the onsite building continues, which saves time.

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