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The Census Bureau recently released their Characteristics of New Housing for 2018. For single family homes sold in 2018, the Census Bureau highlighted the following:

  • 617,000 single-family homes were sold in 2018.
  • 548,000 were detached homes and 69,000 were attached homes.
  • 278,000 had three bedrooms. 
  • 380,000 were heated using gas. 
  • 461,000 were purchased using conventional financing and 39,000 were purchased using cash. 
  • 172,000 had stucco as the primary exterior wall material. 
  • 556,000 had wood framing. 
  • The median sales price of new single-family homes sold in 2018 was $326,400, while the average sales price was $385,000. 
  • The median size of a new single-family home sold in 2018 was 2,435 square feet.

Over the last 10 years the number of bathrooms increased in new homes that were sold. In 2009 24% were built with 3 or more bathrooms. In 2018 that percentage rose to 38%.

Almost half (49%) of homes sold last year had 4 or more bedrooms. This is a slight decrease from 2015 when 54% of homes sold had 4 or more bedrooms.

In 2018 only 8% of new homes sold did not have either a patio, porch or deck. Thirty-five percent (35%) had both a patio and a porch.

The data includes national and regional figures on air-conditioning, fireplaces, parking and more, for both completed and sold single-family and multi-family buildings.