Barndominiums and Shouses Are Evolving

What do you call a barndominium or a shouse that doesn’t look like a storage shed?

We have heard a lot about barndominiums over the years. Historically, they were farm storage structures that have been converted entirely or partially to living area. More recently, instead of only conversions, these structures are newly built and intended to be used as full-time residences, vacation homes, secondary (guest) homes on a property or for additional purposes. These structures are also called shouses since they are a combination of a shop and a house. Part of the building is used as a shop, for storage or as a garage. The rest of the building is finished for living quarters.

Lately we have been hearing from our customers in both the U.S. and in Canada* that many of these homes no longer look like farm structures. The homes are larger, have more style—more like regular homes—and sometimes have multiple stories.

Their large spans make designing an interior living space easier to do than homes with interior supports. These homes have large spans due to their pole frame or rigid metal frame type of construction. Rigid Metal Frame means the metal roof beams are attached to metal columns and these are load bearing. With Pole Frame construction, the roof beams are attached to wood columns and these are load bearing. The walls do not bear the structure’s load in either type of construction.

Pole Frame
Rigid Metal Frame

Their wood or metal pole structure, metal siding and metal roofs typically are less expensive to build than frame-built homes. So, the lower cost and versatility has helped fuel their popularity.

Of course, not all of these homes have remained low cost. Some of these homes have evolved into quite high-value homes.

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