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Our thoughts are on our friends, partners and clients who were along the path of the tornadoes that hit Friday night. Although the outbreak caused unimaginable loss and destruction, we are heartened to see the quick, robust response to help. As folks gather their thoughts, mourn those who passed, and help those who were injured, we are proud to be part of the insurance business that helps people rebuild. Pictures and mementoes may be lost, but memories can’t be so easily swept away. We stand by our clients to help in any way we can.

Cleanup, including assessing the casualties and damage from this unusual December storm system, is ongoing at this moment. What is known is that many communities suffered damage over six states, utilities—water, power, phone service—are not available for thousands, and one twister set a record for how far it traveled. Kentucky experienced the worst of the storms and the highest death toll. However there are still people unaccounted for and the final cost in terms of both lives and property won’t be known for a while.

If you want to help, there are many organizations who have responded to this crisis. Among them: American Red Cross, United Way: Kentucky Tornado Fund (uwky.org) and Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund.