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InsTech has awarded Todd Rissel the 1000 Fans Award for the podcast “Product Launch 2.0 – smart tech, simple solutions.” The award is given for podcast episodes with over 1,000 downloads.

During the podcast Todd Rissel said, “Most people that work at e2value have a background in insurance, so we have a good understanding of the industry. We also understand technology. We started the company because there was a need in the marketplace. By listening to our clients, we understand what challenges they face.”

By understanding the challenges, e2Value can develop solutions.

  • These include the Structure Insurance Score (SIS), which scores homes on their susceptibility to damage by various hazards such as fire, water damage and weather, and then how expensive they are to repair.
  • Inspect Connect: Provides Insurers with the ability to connect with property owners for the purpose of developing valuations and gathering data.
  • Partners and more partners.

After the 1000th download, the award crossed the Atlantic Ocean and landed in Todd Rissel’s mailbox.  As a reward for all that hard work, the 1000 Fans Award went for a short swim. However, Todd continued his work expanding the solutions for our customers.

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