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Even before the pandemic further reduced the available construction labor pool, there was a shortage of skilled labor. Many efforts have been made to attract, market to and steer potential workers toward construction at early stages when they enter the work force.

In addition to higher wages, sign-on bonuses, training/apprenticeship programs, upskilling current workers, robots and automation are some of the solutions to the labor shortage.

There are also efforts underway to inspire potential workers at a much younger age.

In Katy, TX Dig World offers visitors the ability to run construction equipment such as skid steer loader, and mini excavators for digging dirt, fishing objects from mini ponds and picking up cones, along with other site attractions. This facility has partnered with Mustang Cat and Texas A&M Department of Construction Science on this construction-themed adventure park.

The National Association of Homebuilders has partnered with the Girl Scouts on a program to introduce girl scouts to information about construction skills for building homes. The program involves both education and hands-on activities that can earn the girl scout a patch called The House That She Built.

Increased labor costs have resulted from the worker shortage just as increased material costs have resulted from scarcity of building materials. e2Value keeps up with changes in costs to provide fast, cost-effective and accurate replacement cost valuations. e2Value’s estimators allow you to quickly and easily value homes of any size or age. You are able to value the smaller older homes and newer larger high value homes and everything in between.  Contact us for more information about our estimator tools.