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Smart Data Warehouse®

e2Value’s Smart Data Warehouse provides our customers with easy access to their valuations.

e2Value’s Smart Data Warehouse (SDW) provides our customers with a centralized location to store, easily access and update property valuations so they always have access to their data.

The SDW reduces the problem of inadequate documentation by storing the full range of factors that each valuation is based on, such as square footage and architectural style. This ensures that there is no confusion about what data was used to value a structure and allows insurance carriers to perform effective data mining as well as customer service.

With search and sort capabilities built into the SDW, users can quickly narrow down a long list of valuations to find specific properties using the address, owner’s last name, insurance policy number, state, city, zip code or other factors. Search results can be further sorted to allow users to find the data they need as quickly as possible each time they access the SDW.

Reports automatically appear in the SDW as soon as they are completed and the data is always live and accessible, which means that there is never a need for stakeholders to fumble with any storage devices, paper files or to wait for a colleague to send over information. Having a centralized system that is accessible to all parties can significantly facilitate collaboration during the policy renewal and claims management processes. Not only can each user see all of their own estimates, but managers can also see all the estimates that have been created by members of their team.

We never delete or limit our customers’ access to their data, so valuations are always available for viewing or updating. To update values for individual structures, users only need to ensure that no material facts have changed and click “calculate.” Updating batches or an entire book is also an option.

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