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Management Reports

e2Value offers Management Reports that allow managers to see how our system is being used within their organization.

e2Value offers Management Reports that provide our customers with valuable data on their completed work within the e2Value site. These reports allow account administrators to see the details of how the system is being used within their organization and identify any areas that may require more attention.

The main benefit of our Management Reports is that insurance carriers can use them to improve the accuracy of Insurance-To-Value (ITV) ratios and measure the bottom-line benefit of potential premium gains from using the valuator and ITV analysis to align policies with values. Ultimately, this is advantageous for both the insurer, who is able to maintain a profitable book of business, and the policyholder, who will be more likely to be able to rebuild their home as it was after a disaster, rather than having to accept a smaller structure or cover uninsured expenses out of pocket.

Common questions that our Management Reports can help answer include:

  • What is the total number of calculations being created?
  • How often are valuations being recalculated?
  • How frequently are adjustments being made to values?
  • Why are adjustments being made?
  • On average, how far apart are policies and values, and what is the trend?

Insurers can also gain insight into how effectively they are managing policies for properties of different types, sizes and styles by performing coverage comparisons and hazard analysis.

Our Management Reports can also be used to track the success of training. Instead of mass re-training, individuals needing additional training can be spotted real-time and adjustments can made on an individualized basis. That saves time and helps focus resources for the best training ROI.

Reports can be easily downloaded and printed. They are customizable by a variety of search criteria to produce as broad or as narrowly focused a report as desired.

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